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Waiting to step off in front of an audience
Sep 9, 2023
Would you feel better if your CTB had meaning

I always thought if my moment showed people the proper way to hang yourself it would have meaning. If there was a better understanding on how to use a slip knot or how to place the noose around your neck to cut the blood to your brain. Or how fast it can really be - I’d be a much happier CTB-er.


She wished that she never existed...
Sep 24, 2020
No, I just want to cease existing in peace and be forgotten about. I don’t really see death as meaningful but rather just normal and inevitable, we are all just waiting to die anyway.
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Some place nice

Some place nice

This world makes me sick
Oct 18, 2023
My ctb had meaning. The smile cut into my mouth was bc they always ignored me until I was angry or happy, the throat is bc my mom likes to tell everyone that I talk too much. The arms had no meaning tho. It was for extra blood loss that never happened.