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Jun 24, 2023
my mother has told me she officially gives up on me. she said she doesn't care if I hurt myself anymore. everytime I try to talk about my feelings to a friend, they just brush it off and ignore me. but if they talked about their feelings to me, I would listen to them. nobody wants to be with me. I have never even dated nobody, why am I soundesirables? is ctb truly the only way I can escape this pathetic life? I'm surprised I haven't done it earlier. my life sucks, and I'm a loser. nobody wants to hang out with me, or spend time with me. always brushing me aside. im officially done. I'm doing it next week.


So lost...
Nov 3, 2023
To try to be a better friend than those guys


May 26, 2022
if they dont want you near then accept it . Their opinion doesnt define you as a person. We all alone we better off alone nobody needs to hold our pain with us , no one will either we alone and forever will be till death


Jul 9, 2023
I was like you in the past, but something happened in the middle and there were some pleasant experiences,so I wish you the best of luck


let me sleep
Oct 24, 2023
I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. Sometimes the people around us can be shitty, but we can relate to those online. I forgot what they said about soulmates, but most who were similar and can understand us completely may have been born 300 years earlier or 500 years later.... it's all just timing/luck/space etc.. find those you can relate to and make the time u have here a bit easier ig


May 20, 2021
People in general just get fed up of us.

This is why I don't understand why people talk to others about their CTB plans and thoughts. As soon as people know they will see us as a burden to get rid of fast.
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Oct 16, 2023
Other human beings can be the worst. I hope that you can find peace, and just know that we hear you and understand what you're going through. If you ever want somebody to talk to, please shoot me a PM. I'm open anytime.


Oct 25, 2023
This's the irony of society because on one hand they dont waht ctb to be normalize but on the same time they lack the capability to care or at least stay with someone who's clearly need support from them.

Now i know that there's nuance behind their decision for leaving someone who's experiencing hard time in their life, one of the reason probably because this person who's depressed didn't help themself and their friend who's trying to help dont want to fall into this rabbithole, so they decided to leave them for the sake of their mental health

But regardless, at least if they can't do that stop preaching about the beauty of life and start to realize that sometimes ctb were the answer
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